Airfoil in single click for Autodesk Inventor

What you will get?

Tool for any NACA Airfoil

Draw 4 and 5 digit NACA Airofil series like 0012, 2412, 4412, 8412 .. 23012, 23112 .. 24112 independent on thickness in single click.

1600 different airfoils

Use more like 1600 predefined airfoils from UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database in single click!

Update airfoil

Change your existing airfoil in your design process.

Geometry transformation

Translate, Rotate or Mirror your airfoil to easy twist your blade.

Advaced settings

Adjust equations and get your own unique airfoil.



  • Single user lincense
  • Remote installation support
Get from Autodesk


  • Single user lincense
  • Remote installation support
Get from Autodesk


Can our University or Organization obtain a license?

Licenses are tied directly to an Autodesk Account. If your organization has an Autodesk Account, licensing for the entire organization is possible.

Are there any discounts for students?

No. I dedicate a significant amount of time to supporting students, especially with installing the free trial or academic license for Inventor.
Providing this service for free is not feasible. The best way to access a 'free license' is to ask your university. They can purchase licenses for the entire university and share them with you.

Can the plugin be used with the free/trial/student version of Inventor?

Yes! It works well, but it's crucial to use the latest version of Inventor. If your plugin doesn't work with your current installation, please update Inventor to the latest version.

Which versions of Autodesk Inventor are supported?

Autodesk has tested Naca4CAD with the following versions. If Naca4CAD does not work, contact us for a refund.

I'm having trouble with the installation.

Don't worry, we offer remote support via Chrome Remote Desktop & Skype.
Please contact us with your availability.